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INSTRUCTORS: Dane FawkEs, Bill Schaller & Ken Aspeslagh

Join the world-wide maker movement! Maker Team brings creative projects to life and combines coding, robotics, digital circuitry, and 3D printing.

Robotics and digital circuitry with Arduino teaches hardware and software engineering. Students design, build and program exciting robotics projects in a series of hands-on classes.

Spring Session — Rocketry

Do you like rockets? I thought so.
This season we’re going to be designing, building, coding, and fly model rockets! Everything gets off the ground starting April 23rd, so sign up today!

The River Project

Last spring we challenging our class to design, build, and create a digital water monitoring tool for the Powow River, which flows right by Code & Circuit's classroom. How can we gauge the temperature? Can we measure the water level, flow rate, turbidity, or salinity?

This project culminated in the successful installation of a tide sensor on the Powow, which is reporting its data the internet. 

Click here for more info: The River Project