Code & Circuit


of Computer Science

Join us this Summer for an unforgettable week of coding, engineering, and robotics. 


Weeks are divided by rising grade level.

Here's what you need to know:

• Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 2PM

• Pack a lunch and water. A mask break/lunch will take place outside.

• Space is limited due to COVID precautions in place.

These weeks will fill up fast, so sign up today to avoid missing out.

July 5-8      Gr.1-3 Code & Create
July 12-15  Gr. 3-5 Code Your Summer 
July 19-22  Gr. 6-8 Code Your Summer
July 26-29  Gr. 9-12 Hack Your Summer
Aug 9-12    Gr. 2-4 Code & Create

Summer of Computer Science


GRADE 1 - 4


Get your code on with iPad apps like Kodable and LightBot; remote-control Root robots; use code to create games with ScratchJR, make music with Coding Jam, and learn Stop Motion Studio to bring your story ideas to life as a movie.

Two weeks available. Grades 1 - 3, week of July 5th, or Grades 2 - 4, week of August 9th. 


GRADE 3 - 5

We’ll combine Scratch 3.0 and LEGO EV3, 3D printing, to teach the fundamentals of coding, robotics, and design.

Working in small groups, students will build an understanding of coding and use it to create a kinetic adventure. 


GRADE 6 - 8

Learn how to use JavaScript, circuitry, 3D printing, and more to build immersive and interactive projects.

Working in small groups, students will study coding and digital circuitry, and use these skills to create a dynamic creation they'll remember forever.


GRADE 9 - 12


Teens will explore new digital worlds with the latest in robotics, coding, and digital circuitry. Discover JavaScript coding, augmented reality, neural networks and more.


Working in small groups, students create interactive projects to be proud of.


All programs take place at our state of the art, comfortable, and accepting classroom in Amesbury center.

Since 2016, hundreds of students have enjoyed our summer programs and many return each year.


Questions? Get in touch and we'll help.


* COVID precautions will be in place.