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Building a future with creativity and technology.

What Is Code & Circuit?

Founder Ken Aspeslagh teaching a class.

Founder Ken Aspeslagh teaching a class.

Code & Circuit is a nonprofit discovery lab for K-12 students to explore technology and computer programming with like-minded peers. Using state-of-the-art equipment, classes encourage creativity, innovation, and self-expression via coding, robotics, and circuitry. There is no right or wrong once you come through our door — only discovery, experimentation, and never-ending surprises. 

Since 2014, more than 700 kids from grades K-12 have enjoyed our after school classes, family workshops and unique vacation programs. 

All classes and programs take place at our classroom in Amesbury, MA. 

Our Mission



Photo by ponsuwan/iStock / Getty Images

Everyone knows that robots are cool, and that computer games are fun, but creating your own robot, or your own game is a life-changing experience.



We're building a community of students and instructors, and that creates a feeling of belonging; a place where students can be themselves and feel valued. 




By providing knowledge and guidance to students who want to learn, we're helping them make their ideas a reality. The right mentor can be transformative.

Latest Tech


Access to the latest technology and newest gadgets creates a feeling of excitement that inspires. We're always experimenting with the next big thing.

Teachers, Contributors, and Governance

Code & Circuit is a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors.


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Our Facilities

Code & Circuit is conveniently located in downtown Amesbury, Massachusetts.  Upstairs from a coffee shop, and down the hall from a yoga studio, there is definitely a lot of energy at 36 Main St.

At our designer-inspired classroom space students use the latest computers and tablets.