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Code & Circuit FAQ

  • I have a background in computer science, robotics, or engineering. Can I volunteer to teach a class?

Yes! As a nonprofit, our organization relies on volunteers who bring in their expertise!

  • How do I bring Spot to my child's school?
     Contact Lori directly:

  • My company would like to sponsor a school visit with Spot. How do I arrange that? 

Contact Lori, who is happy to facilitate this! Email

  • Do you offer opportunities for local clubs and businesses?

Absolutely! We travel to YMCAs, libraries, rotary clubs, Boy/Girl Scouts, and more.

  • Do you offer adult classes?

Not at this time, but in the future we plan to offer Adult Pop-Up Workshops

  • Where can I park for drop-off and pickup?

On-street parking on Main St, Friend St. and Mill St, as well as the public parking lot located on Friend St. between Barking Dog and Morning Buzz.

  • My child is neurodivergent. Are there options for enrollment?

Yes! Set up a "Meet & Greet" with you, your child, and Lori so we can discuss options! Contact Us

  • Can an aid or parent/guardian accompany a child to class?

Our classes are designed for youth to engage in a setting that includes participants, interns, and our instructors. Parents/caregivers are welcome to observe from the hallway, and are invited in at the end of sessions to see the work.

  • My child isn't feeling 100%. Can they still come to class?

See Illness Policy below.

  • Can Code & Circuit fix my 3D printer? 

We have C&C graduates who can be hired for this! Contact Us

Code & Circuit Illness Policy

Updated October 2023


Safe Practices for a Healthy Classroom


  • Anyone who feels feverish, develops a cough or other flu/Covid-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID within the last 5 days before a class, or has another illness (allergies exempted), may not attend/teach class. 

  • For any student who develops symptoms of illness while at Code & Circuit, the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up that student.​​

  • Students who arrive with symptoms will be asked to mask for the duration of the class until picked up.


  • Hand sanitizer is available.


  • All equipment and surfaces will be disinfected at the end of each class.


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