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Welcome to Code & Circuit, a computer science classroom in Amesbury, MA.

Our Story

Founder Ken Aspeslagh teaching a class.

Founder Ken Aspeslagh teaching a class.

Most of us spend our day interacting with advanced technology. Only by understanding the basics of computer science can we begin to see that there is no magic inside our computers.

Confronted with the speed of change in technology, learning computer basics can't be limited to learning a specific skill. At Code & Circuit, we teach the fundamentals of the machine, work our way up to programming, build confidence, and discover how engineering is a tool for problem solving. 

Students go on to explore and create projects based on their interests, with the resources and guidance of the Code & Circuit community.

Our Mission


At Code & Circuit, our goal is to encourage and motivate kids in computer science and engineering.


Everyone knows that robots are cool, and that computer games are fun, but creating your own robot, or making your own robot, or your own game can be a life-changing experience.


Providing knowledge and guidance to students who want to learn. Helping them achieve their goals and make their ideas a reality.


We're building a community of students and instructors, and that creates a feeling of belonging; a place where students can be themselves and feel valued.


Access to the latest technology and newest gadget creates a feeling of excitement that inspires.

Teachers, Contributors, anD GOVERNANCE

Code & Circuit is a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors. 503c tax-exempt status is pending.



Students team up to measure time, tides of Powow River — Eagle-Tribune, April 17, 2017

For Computer Whiz Kids, the Sky's the Limit — Boston Globe, December 16th 2016

Our Facilities

Code & Circuit is conveniently located in downtown Amesbury, Massachusetts.  Upstairs from a coffee shop, and down the hall from a yoga studio, there is definitely a lot of energy at 36 Main St.

At our designer-inspired classroom space students use the latest computers and tablets.