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Teaching technological empowerment and the tools for self discovery.

Our Mission

In 1962, futurist and writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

Fifty years later, most of us spend our day interacting with advanced technology.  Only by understanding the basics of computer science can we begin to see that there is no magic inside of our computers.

Confronted with the speed of change in technology, learning computer basics can't be limited to learning a specific skill.  At Code & Circuit, you'll learn the fundamentals of the machine, and work your way up to programming, build confidence, and discover engineering as a tool for problem solving.  Students then go on to explore their own projects and interests, with the resources and guidance of the Code & Circuit community.

Our Story

One fateful day in the late 1980s, Ken wrote his first computer program. He was instantly hooked, and a career was born.

Founder Ken Aspeslagh.

Founder Ken Aspeslagh.

After receiving a degree in computer science from Wheaton College, Ken worked writing code for Avid Technology, and in 2002, co-founded software company Ecamm Network.  

Inspired by his experience working with Bruce McBrien and Amesbury Elementary School's Tech Helpers, Ken conceived of Code & Circuit as a way to give back to the community, and inspire a new generation of computer scientists and careers in engineering and programming.

Teachers and Contributors

Our Facilities

Code & Circuit is conveniently located in downtown Amesbury, Massachusetts.  Upstairs from a coffee shop, and down the hall from a yoga studio, there is definitely a lot of energy at 36 Main St.

At our designer-inspired classroom space students use the latest computers and tablets.